Community Art

Artistic interventions in community settings. 

Community members as experts in their situations. 

The artist’s role is to bring a visual language and access to the resources of cultural institutions.

I Couldn’t Draw a Straight Line

Multimedia Installation - Presented in Local Pubs, the Football Pitch in the Flats and a Gallery Space.

Oliver Bond Street - Dublin - 2008

Dresses from Home

Series of Workshops, a Performance and Video Piece, in collaboration with artist Roisin Beirne.

Mercy Family Center and IMMA - Dublin - 2007

Safer Spaces Mural

Social Center Kreuzberg - Berlin - 2018

Following a serious sexual assault at an event at the space, the community called for a process towards collective responsibility around sexist and other discriminatory behavior at events. 

The focus was on creating an environment where not only those negatively effected by such behavior are motivated to challenge it, but instead offer a communal and long-term response. 

The mural serves to announce the

topic of safety in subcultural social spaces, giving it as much space as other political issues.

Model für einer Reparaturnetz in einer Region wie der Prignitz

2021 Reckenthin, Brandenburg

Testlauf Gleaned Baggage, Reparatur Experiment mit Taschen

Gespräch anhand der Brainstorming-Zeichnung

Erste Entwurf: Model für ein Reparaturnetzwerk in einem ländlichen Gebiet mit geringer Bevölkerungsdichte